Ask the Pros

A new year is all about fresh vision and renewed focus.  This year at Halcyon, we wanted to focus in on what really motivates us- the core of what makes Halcyon a special place.  We love fresh styles, new trends, gorgeous color and cuts that make heads turn.  We love to pamper you and we are honored when you trust us with your hair.  And although we love to hear that our styles are getting compliments, what really thrills us is when we know that you have learned how to manage and love your hair…how to care for your hair…how to be the healthiest, most beautiful you.  When we have the opportunity to see you, talk to you and guide you in a healthy direction- we feel our best.

Thus, the launch of “Ask the Pros.”  Every head is different.  There is not one solution for everyone, one cut, one style, one color, one remedy that fits all.  We want to get to know you, hear your concerns, answer questions and help you get on a path to your healthiest and most beautiful hair.  Every Wednesday, meet us here to post your questions, comments and concerns and our professional team will provide you with the best answer for your specific needs.  Don’t be shy!  Let the questions roll!

(Please feel free to post your questions on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments below.)

ask the pros