Halcyon Celebrates Gwen Fields!

Halcyon Salon, conveniently located near the Washington Convention Center, is celebrating their 7 year anniversary in the Shaw neighborhood and 15 year anniversary as Halcyon Salon.  This anniversary comes on the tail of another great celebration of owner, salon stylist, and Trichologist, Gwen Fields. At this year’s DC Board of Barber and Cosmetology Annual Forum held at the Kellogg Conference Center, Galludet University, Gwen Fields was recognized as an expert in the field of Trichology, a study of hair and scalp, and the leader in hair loss and scalp ailments. Shortly after her presentation at the 2014 Practitioners Forum, Gwen was awarded the prestigious “Cosmetologist of the Year” Award for 2014.


The theme of this year’s forum was “Raising the Bar” and undoubtedly, Gwen Fields has done exactly that over her 30 years as a beauty and hair professional. Now as the leading lady in beauty and hair health, Gwen is raising the bar for her own stylists at Halcyon Salon. Her experience and mentorship offers the invaluable example of entrepreneurship and leadership.   Although her expertise in the area of Trichology has set her apart in her field, it is her genuine warmth and hospitality that has set her salon on the most deserved pedestal.


Gwen’s beauty philosophy is simple- she says, “Your hairstyle should reflect your lifestyle.”   Beauty and health go hand and hand at Halcyon. Gwen says, “If it’s good for your hair, it’s good for your health.”   Step inside the door of Halcyon and you will quickly see Gwen’s philosophy and her personality. Her genuine interest in people has successfully trickled down to each of her stylists. A warm “hello” is only the beginning of the hospitality that is offered at Halcyon. The upscale salon knows nothing of stuffiness or pretention. Rather, the warm ambiance offers a relaxed and cozy environment that breeds rest and rejuvenation. Clients enjoy first class treatments in what feels like the comfort of home. With services ranging from typical beauty styling needs, with the best techniques in color, cut and styling, to specific hair and scalp treatments for medical hair loss and other scalp ailments, Halcyon Salon offers the very best in “beauty, balance, and bliss.”

Gwen Fields’ recognition by the DC Board of Barber and Cosmetology and Mayor Vincent Gray, as woman entrepreneur and beauty expert, is the perfect launch for Halcyon’s anniversary and renovation reveal in October. This year will be marked as a year of great growth and success for Halcyon and although Gwen has been recognized this year, she will continue doing what she has always done with little notice from the outside looking in…providing the very best in hair health and beauty.